A look back at past experiences and wishes for future ones.
A collection of texts dealing with the topic of gender-inclusive Czech.
We bring you echoes of the School of Dissolving - Expanding - Connecting Imagination.

Fifth Gender


Learn about the fifth gender,
The next texts from the Czech Language Queering deals with the unisex names.
Is it even possible to translate neutrally?
Introducing the first text from the Manual of the Czech Language Queering by Jamie Rose.
The new issue of the workbook Shell for children and by children on the topic of a garden.
The first fairytale for adults written by Iveta Horváthová alias Rimini Fíllí.
New interspecies workbook for schoolchildren and their friends.
Futuropolis and Neklid Publishing are pleased to announce the publication of the Czech translation of the third most cited book in the humanities. Paul Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed explores the importance of dialogue between teachers and learners, names and critiques the banking concept of education, and holds up a mirror to the school as […]

The 12-Hour Conference

Barbora Kleinhamplová & Eva Koťátková

Author's publication of the results of a year-long field research at the Institute of Mental Health in Klecany.
Within the Czech context this publication represents a unique project with 14 contributions, focusing on urgent problems of our everyday interactions with the non-human world: relationships between animals, nature and people, with a focus on themes of work, emotions and ecology. Our imagination of the more-than-human world is very often deformed by an anthropocentric perspective […]
An interview with Michal Kolesár on the topic of open livestock rescues.

Forest kitchen

Zuzana Blochová, David Fesl, Adéla Korbičková and Pavlína Verbíková

The forest cuisine is based on traditional food preparation methods...
Reflecting on the fact that if we acknowledge the equivalence of living beings to a certain extent, much of our functioning gets cracked.
A comics story based on a true story that happened in the garden of the small-holding in Kutná Hora.
With Petr Dobrý on hens and myths that surround them.
A text dedicated to the fishing industry plundering the sea and valued.
The text explores the anthropocentrism of ethnography as a method of research and a textual genre.
Why is it important to pay more money for chickens to see blue skies.
Three animal protectionists, who have only read about factory farms so far, have seen factory farms for themselves.
A text by Lenka Vítková looks at factoryfarms through memories.
The text reflects on the development and current level of protection of animal rights in livestock farms.
A text by Tereza Vandrovcová is dealing with the ambivalent relationship of our society with other animal species.
Second text about large-scale livestock farming in the perspective related to ethics and animal rights and capitalist mechanism.
The fourth fairytale by Iveta Horvátková alias Rimini Filli...
First text from the series about large-scale livestock farming from a social anthropologist Bob Kuřík.
The third fairy tale for adults by Iveta Horváthová alias Rimini Filli...
The second fairytale for adults by Iveta Horváthová alias Rimini Filli.

Fairy tales for adults

Iveta Horváthová

It will be published from 28 March to 18 April 2019. In them, fairy tale characters (or those who pretend to be them) get into real situations: They run away from home, have health and existential problems, struggle with foreclosure and bullying, are addicted to drugs, spend a significant portion of the story in a […]
Interview with Iveta Horváthová.
What place does the method of hypnosis have in the context of contemporary art and what role does it play in a world focused on subjectivity?

Hearing voices: An interview with Lisa Forestell

Barbora Kleinhamplová and Alma Lily Rayner

An interview with activist Lisa Forestell...