Pedagogy of the oppressed

Futuropolis and Neklid Publishing are pleased to announce the publication of the Czech translation of the third most cited book in the humanities.

Paul Freire’s Pedagogy of the Oppressed explores the importance of dialogue between teachers and learners, names and critiques the banking concept of education, and holds up a mirror to the school as an institution of dehumanization.

Paul Friere develops a theory of education adapted to the needs of those who are disadvantaged and marginalised in capitalist society. The book combines educational and political philosophy, offering an analysis of oppression and a theory of liberation. Freire argues that traditional education serves to maintain a social, political and economic status quo that benefits a narrow group of people in power. To overcome the oppression that is endemic to exploitative societies, education must be redesigned to inspire and enable the oppressed to fight for liberation. This new style of education focuses on raising critical consciousness, dialogue and collaboration between teacher and learner in an effort to achieve greater humanization for all. According to Freire, education is always political and functions either to preserve the existing social order or to transform it.

The theories of education and revolutionary action offered by Freire in Pedagogy of the Oppressed are addressed to a radical audience committed to the struggle for liberation from oppression. Freire himself has been engaged in this struggle for years, teaching Brazilian and Chilean peasants and workers. His efforts at educational and political reform resulted in a brief period of imprisonment and subsequent 15-year exile from his native Brazil.
First published in Portuguese in 1968, the book has been translated into many world languages in the ensuing years and is the third most cited book in the social sciences.

Translated by Eva Batličková.

You can buy the book published by Neklid publishing house  here.

We also invite you to

The launch of the publication Pedagogy of the Ultrasuppressed
Sunday, December 4, 2022 at 6 pm
Řehořova 39, Prague 3

The event will feature a non-authorial reading from the book accompanied by the Bass Front of Love and Peace for Happiness, Passion and Life, followed by a discussion with translator Eva Batličková.

Below is a photo documentation of the launch.