Fairytales for adults: The Bags and The Treasure

Iveta Horváthová is an artist and the author of texts called fairytales for adults.

In the tales, the fairytale characters (or those which pose as them) get involved in real situations: they flee from home, have health and existentialist problems and wrestle with distraint and bullying. They are addicted to drugs, spend a considerable part of the story in hospital or other institutions, they suffer from loneliness, experience various stressful circumstances, lose limbs, which they get back with the help of magic candies. They have to go to Venus or Mars for these, and they find a potential solution in temporary transformation into the form of a dog. In its body, they can escape quicker in case of attack.

The fairytales for adults have as happy an ending as the story allows. 

Drawings by Iveta Horváthová alias Rimini Filli

Photo: We Give You Good

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