This series NON-HUMANS, HUMANS, CLIMATE, MACHINES views large-scale livestock farming as an area primarily related to ethics and animal rights, but at the same time draws attention to the fact that large-scale farming is a capitalist mechanism, and is the result of economic and power-related interests and pressures that allow and normalize slaughter on a large-scale. The texts try to identify a network of actors, agents and relationships that are involved in large-scale farming and present them as a complex problem.

The series is published in parallel with the ongoing campaign All Farm Animals Deserve to Roam Free. We call to end this inhumane practice by banning all cages for farmed animals. Cages are cruel.

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Author of the sixth text for the series is anonymous group.

The Same Life

anonymous group

Never before has the path that food takes to the table has been clouded in such an impenetrable haze. In today’s world it is very difficult to figure out the places where so-called industrial animals are kept. The factory farms, or facilities for intensive animal farming, cannot be reached by ordinary mortals. Ordinary mortals wouldn’t even want to go there. Perhaps they sense that the haze covering the world of the animal industry is there for a reason, that it blurs the outlines of disgust and inhuman crimes committed in the name of cheap goods on living, sensing creatures. And perhaps, deeper in their soul, they are aware that humans and animals are projections of the same life and that the evil and indifference that animals face and are subject to in the industrial production of food products are not so far from the large-scale massacre and genocide of humans by other humans.

Our group has long collected information and facts about factory farms. We have searched for their precise coordinates on aerial maps and in land registers. We were outraged and saddened by what we found. We thought that our eyes were already open and nothing could surprise us. But when we saw how everything really looks, when we experienced the environment in real life, we learned that our eyes could be opened further, much further, until they popped out of their sockets. All three of us came away from those places transformed.

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