THE SHELL. The first edition of the new interspecies workbook for children

New interspecies workbook for schoolchildren and their friends.

The shell can be a place of shelter, a defensive layer that we build up, but also an umbrella under which we can be with others: a common shell from behind which to face a world full of pitfalls and dangers.

The first issue of the interspecies workbook for children and their friends, entitled THE SHELL (KRUNÝŘ), is out now. Illustrator and artist Kristina Fingerland took on the artwork for the first issue, which focuses on waking up to interspeciesism. The graphic design was done by Olbram Pavlíček

The workbook features stories, exercises, coloring pages, tips and tutorials, dreams, the work of children’s authors and much more. You’ll learn why it can be good to connect like mushrooms in the forest, what a turtle feels through the carapace, how to become a snake or a bat, or how to make a tent out of your own hair when you need some quiet time. 

THE SHELL is for anyone who cares about others, whether they are people, animals, plants, mushrooms, fairy tale characters, or even things.

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THE SHELL is published in Czech language only. The workbook is distributed by the Institute of Anxiety — email us to request the first edition via The recommended price of a copy is 100 CZK. 

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The launch of the workbook SHELL number I will take place together with the co-author Kristina Fingerland and other guests on Sunday, January 29th in Rybárna (Scout Institute) in Prague, Malá strana. 
Follow us for more details about the event!

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THE SHELL I: Awakening to Interspeciesism 
Illustration: Kristina Fingerland 
Graphics: Olbram Pavlíček 
Contributing authors: Nikola Brabcová, Břevnovský expres a Magda Jiřička Stojowska, Marie Čtveráčková, Kristina Fingerland, Edith Jeřábková, Eva Koťátková, Thea Kravciv, Elspeth Mitchell, Hana Polanská Turečková, kolektiv Prádelna, Magdalena Šipka, Lenka Vráblíková 
Dramaturgy: Eva Koťátková 
Language Correction: Dagmar Pilařová 
Coordination and production: Ida Tausch

Printed by the independent creative workshop KudlaWerkstatt in Prague. 
Published by the Institute of Anxiety Institut úzkosti, 2022

The workbook is published with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Prague City Hall and the State Fund of Culture.