Fifth Gender

Learn about the fifth gender, the superstructure of the Czech language for gender-neutral expression.

“I’m sure you know it. You need to talk about yourself or other people, but none of the verbal genders of the Czech language suit you, or you don’t know the gender/sex of those people and you don’t want to offend them by attributing the wrong…”

A new text by Singularus introduces the form of the fifth gender, the superstructure of the Czech language for gender-neutral expression. Read the full text here:

Singularis is a non-binary writer and programmer, author of the book edition of the Ester Krejčí scripted series and description of Eichlerian Czech. They distance themselves from the LGBT+ community, especially the woke movement. Their motivation for joining the project was their disgust at the necessity of expressing anyone’s gender in language, and the desire to find a more functional and less problematic replacement for the generic masculine that anyone could use in any situation freely, comfortably and politely to refer to any person (including themselves) without any lateral connotations about what that person is, can, or cannot be.

This is the final text of the Manual of Czech Language Queering, a collection of texts dealing with the topic of gender-inclusive Czech, its forms and issues related to its use in different contexts.

The texts are the result of the creative work of the authors* of the working group on the development of the Czech language, which was established two years ago. The aim of the group’s work was to develop new forms of non-binary Czech and to map existing ones. 

We are grateful to Jamie Rose, Jana Valdrová, Toby Wehle and Singularis for important and inspiring texts that help us to find ways to forge Czech.

You can look forward to their collected printed edition in the form of a zine accompanied by a panel discussion at the beginning of February at the latest! 
Stay tuned for further ifnromations on this event.

The project is realized with the support of the City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Municipality of Prague 7 and the State Fund for Culture.