LARGE-SCALE LIVESTOCK FARMING: I wood like to inform you that I dont like the way how you behave with animulls!! And so I have wrote you this letter!

Not all letters would be accepted by the post office unless they have a legible address, but that does not mean they do not have an addressee and a clearly worded appeal. We are very grateful to Cecilia and Marketa Böhm, Fabiána Matylda Drahošová, Egon and Johan Jiřiček, Věrka Lopez Trujillo, Alexandra Ptáčková, Cecilia Ratajová, Karel Rous and Anežka Thýnová for their valuable comments on the situation of millions of farm animals living in factory farms and for thinking about the reasons why their situation should change.

The animals in factory farms, but also the wider network of actors who are voluntarily or involuntarily part of them, have been the subject of our series on factory farms. Thanks to all who contributed to it, and to those who will continue to work with us on the book and new contributions to it. In the book, we intend not only to continue to explore what factory farms are, the principles on which they operate, and the social, political, or psychological standards and mechanisms that make them possible, but also to outline other, more ethical possibilities for the coexistence of humans and non-human creatures.

This series NON-HUMANS, HUMANS, CLIMATE, MACHINES views large-scale livestock farming as an area primarily related to ethics and animal rights, but at the same time draws attention to the fact that large-scale farming is a capitalist mechanism, and is the result of economic and power-related interests and pressures that allow and normalize slaughter on a large-scale. The texts try to identify a network of actors, agents and relationships that are involved in large-scale farming and present them as a complex problem.

The series is published in parallel with the ongoing campaign All Farm Animals Deserve to Roam Free. We call to end this inhumane practice by banning all cages for farmed animals. Cages are cruel.

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