Unisex names: new, atractive, multifunctional

The next texts from the Czech Language Queering deals with the unisex names.

Why is there a growing interest in unisex names among the broadest segments of the population – what qualities or potential do they have that gender-specific names cannot express?

The next text of the Manual of the Czech Language Queering is by Jana Valdrová and explores unisex names: new, attractive and multifunctional. Read and download the full text as a PDF at the end of this text.

Jana Valdrová (she/her) is a linguist and forensic expert specializing in gender-neutral names. She lectures on them in the Czech Republic and abroad, organizes trainings and workshops, and publishes in the Czech and foreign professional press. On request, she can give a lecture or workshop on gender-neutral names for administrative authorities and linguistic and other institutions.

The project is realized with the support of the City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Municipality of Prague 7 and the State Fund for Culture.

Illustration by Eli Sočněva, Graphic design by Jozef Mrva