The Limits of the Imagination: OPEN CALL

Take part in a collection of proposals to tease the imagination for the Biennale In the Matter of Art.

27.04.2020 12:00 —21.06.2020 23:59

A collection of proposals for stimulants of imagination.

For the Matter of Art Biennale international exhibition, we are announcing an open call for proposals for ideas showing how to go beyond the limits of the imagination within your profession or field of interest. The proposals can react to your own personal experiences, the experiences of others, or to a more general understanding of situation. These “stimulants” of the imagination can take on various shapes, from instructions in text form, drawings, collages, photographs, video, and audio to a recipe, a design of a machine, the description of a situation, or even a formula.

Try to remember the situations and areas in which you run up against obstacles and limits of the imagination that you (or people around you) are unable to overcome. Who is afraid of your imagination, or is afraid to imagine, and why? Imagination stands behind all great discoveries, social changes, and models of shared practice, but also the small yet important joys of life. Imagination is thus a basic tool of change and of experiencing the world. It can activate the senses, and awaken untapped creative potential. Without being able to imagine that things can function differently, we cannot change anything in a sustainable manner. Despite this, from childhood we encounter the correction and constant suppression of the imagination. This is why we are announcing an open call to collect instructions for how to encourage the imagination, both physically and mentally. There are no limits to your imagination! We will be very happy if you can share your contributions with us, whatever life or work experience they come from.

The most imaginative proposals will be published anonymously or with the author’s name (according to your preference), and after discussing with you, we will attempt to bring some of them to life.

Send us your proposals by June 21, 2020 at the latest by mail or email to our address:

Institut úzkosti
Pplk. Sochora 7
17000 Praha 7