Studio Disorder LIVE: Discussion and projection

Join discussion about the disruption of “normality” and “otherness”.

10.01.2024 19:00 —21:30
Hybernská Campus, Café Hlína, Hybernská 998/4, 110 00 Nové Město

What space is given to the experience of “people with disabilities” in film or literary stories? In what stories and cultural representations do we see and hear ourselves, and what image of otherness and normality do these representations offer? What stories, on the other hand, do not reckon with us, what stories model worlds without our presence? And if they do count with us, how would they have to be retold, reframed, changed in order for us to at least partially identify with them? What would a cinematic or literary landscape that takes “people with disabilities” seriously look like?

Come along to a composed evening looking at parts of Code of the Freaks (2020), a radical reframing of the portrayal of ‘people with disabilities’ in film.

The original December date of this event was moved to the beginning of January due to the illness covid-19. Now, we invite you to the new date on Januray 10th. 

Together with Kateřina Kolářová, Karolína Chovancová and Zuzana Kašparová we will look for ways to reframe these cultural narratives and find ways to crip read them, i.e. spectatorial, readerly or listenerly ways of creatively understanding and “rewriting” texts, narratives or visuality that are based on desire, critical imagination, and the experience of sexuality, rather than dominant cultural patterns, outside of the binary templates of female-male, heterosexual-homosexual, cis-trans, healthy-sick.

The discussion with the screening of the film starts at 19:00 in the reading room (room near the Hlína Café), the end is planned by 21:30.
After the discussion we will have entertainment and DJ set by seafur.

  • Sign language interpretation is provided for the discussion
  • The film is subtitled in Czech
  • Wheelchair access to the reading room and toilets is provided
  • Refreshments available on site (plus possibility to buy your own in the Hlína café)

What is Studio Disorder about?

The event is also a live introduction to the upcoming podcast Studio Porucha: About the life of people with “otherness” in the “normal” world, which the Institute of Anxiety is preparing together with Kateřina Kolářová, Jonáš Richter, Ida Tausch and invited guests: Matěj Čipera, Karolína Chovancová, Zuzana Kašparová, Pavla Kovaříková, Anna Řičář Libánská, Elian Poslední and Jitka Rudolfová.

The podcast explores how people with different experiences of the world shape their own cultural imaginaries and narratives, relationships of mutual support, and seemingly banal everyday practices that help overcome and survive institutional exclusion, barriers, and ableist superiority. Within the Institute of Anxiety, “otherness” and “normality” are concepts that we have been trying to disrupt since our inception in a series of projects, cycles, and events. This collaboration has been particularly valuable to us because it has allowed us to experience moments of sharing across areas of disadvantage that often go unconnected.

Photodocumentation (c) Peter Kolárčik

The project is realized with the support of the City of Prague and Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.