Residency: Petros Moris

Petros Moris on residency…

01.07.2018 06:00 —31.07.2018
Sterna, Nisyros, Greece

At the core of Petros Moris’ work lies a deep interest in the dynamic dialogue between the transformative forces of memory and progress. He examines this relation through a poetic and conceptual tracing of the mutual stratifications of the material, technological and cultural environment and the fateful interrelations between natural and social phenomena. This investigation unfolds mainly through the production of sculptural installations and writing. It evolves as a configuration of information, matter and space, embodying the processing of personal and communal mythologies, locally-sourced and industrial materials, archaic and innovative technologies and techniques.

Petros Moris (*1986 in Lamia, Greece) has studied at the Athens School of Fine Arts and has received an MFA in Curating from the Goldsmiths University of London. He has been nominated for the Deste Prize 2015 and has been awarded with the 1st Spyropoulos Prize 2012. He has presented his work in solo shows at Point Centre for Contemporary Art, DUVE Berlin, Union Pacific, Project Native Informant and SPACE and in group shows at art spaces and museums including the New Museum NY, the Cycladic Art Museum, the National Museum of Contemporary Art and the Ontario College of Art & Design University.

During the residency Moris work on two parallel projects. Entanglement is a pebble mosaic that was created in Nisyros during the course of the residency, with materials found in local beaches. Its composition is based on a pattern design that was inspired by natural and mythical aspects of the island. The mosaic was permanently installed in an wall insert of one of the ruined building of Nisyros old baths. Lava’s Gaze is a series of sculptures fabricated out of cast lava found on Nisyros, resembling masks of which the shapes derive from 3D digital scans that were performed on natural and human-made forms that were found on the island.

The project is realized with the support of the City of Prague and Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.