Residency: Daniela & Linda Dostálková

Daniela and Linda Dostálková on residency.

01.03.2018 00:00 —30.04.2018 23:59
Goethe-Institut in Prague

The work of Daniela & Linda Dostalkova deals with concept of the autonomous hybrid social ‘art practice’—blurring the lines between disciplines, challenges accepted distinctions, in questioning of identity. Since 2016 they are providing an alternative service in terms of para-agency Institutional Homeopathy©. They trace unexpected articulations of alternative/commodified forms of organizations that are based in the art world and its institutional structures; understanding social phenomena, objects, things, and concepts and the fluidity of boundaries between them. Daniela & Linda position themselves as artists, curators, co-authors and commissioners at the same time, aiming to achieve a complex statement delivered to the viewer.

The project is realized with the support of the City of Prague and Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.