We are issuing a Call for Participation in the Hungry Ghosts Public Hearing.


We are issuing a Call for Participation in the Hungry Ghosts Public Hearing.

Hungry ghosts are all of us, driven by a compulsive need to fill a void, anxiety, or trauma we can’t deal with. As hungry ghosts, we are often convincedy that our problems are our own faulty and that we should be able to deal with them. But these problems must be seen as the result of social and economic causes, strategies of exclusion, exploitation, normativity and oppression.

Try to remember what things you do consciously or unconsciously as a way of escape, relief, compensation. What things, techniques, practices, strategies bring you short or long term relief from difficult emotions, memories, unmanageable stress, loss of control and connection with others, dissatisfaction with yourself, long term pressures of the environment?

Your input will be part of the Public Hearing. This is a specific 3-hour format of the Anxiety Institute that allows for a concentrated focus on the topic being explored through the contributions of the sharers. A map of systemic oppression and stress that leads to addictions of various types should emerge clearly from the kaleidoscopic mix of contributions. A post can take the form of a personal story, a short lecture, a performance, or other, looser input, and can be about anything your environment labels as a habit, an addiction, an obsession. Entries should not exceed 5 minutes. Approximately 45 guests from a variety of backgrounds will attend the hearing.

The public hearing will take place in May 2023 in Prague. Fee: 500,- CZK.

If you are interested in participating, please contact us by March 31, 2023 at: