Manual of the Czech Language Queering: zin launch & discussin

Join us to discuss the possibilities of non-binary Czech on the occasion of the publication of the printed zine of the Manual of the Czech Language Queering.

28.02.2024 19:00 —21:00
Petrohradská collective, Petrohradská 13, Prague 4

The rules of the Czech language are complex and binarity permeates them. Language cannot be understood in a static way – it is subject to the evolution we undergo as a society. It can just as well single out and reproduce or create new inequalities as it can generate space for all. If we use English, we participate in its development and possible transformation.

Join American Studies scholar Jamie Rose, linguist Jana Valdrova, translator Toby Wehle, and, on behalf of Trans*parent, Matty Oaks to discuss important issues related to the queering of Czech language. Together, we will try to grasp the direction that queering is currently taking, not only in queer contexts and communities, but also beyond.

Where is creative language work currently heading and what are the challenges we face in experimenting with different forms? What means of queering queerness are currently available to us? Where do we encounter the limits of the structure of the Czech language itself? Do institutions reckon with the forging of Czech? And how does the fear of new and unusual forms work and how to work with it?

The discussion starts at 19:00 in the Petrohradská gallery space (room behind the café)

  • End 21 : 00
    There will be free refreshments on site and a wider range of snacks available for purchase directly from the café
  • After the discussion, the zine of the Manual of Quirking will be launched, which will be available for sale at a discounted price of 100 CZK

The content of the Manual of the Czech language Queering in electronic form can be found here:

The author team consists of Jamie Rose, Jana Valdrová, Toby Wehle and Singularis. Our common wish is that this manual will serve as a means to stir the stagnant waters in which the Czech language moves, and serve as another small step on the way to gradually leaving the position of guardian of the binary perception of the world.

The project is realized with the support of the City of Prague and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic.