Futuropolis: School of Emancipation

A three-year educational project focused on critical pedagogy.



Another school is possible! And it’s one in which every voice will be heard.

Futuropolis: School of Emancipation is a three-year project that was established in co-operation with the NaZemi organisation and co-operating schools and teachers. We want a school that critically and creatively engages with current events. For this reason we have created the teaching method of Futuropolis: school of emancipation, which enables students to confront contemporary problems with patience and courage. With an endeavour to understand problems, to seek a space for meaningful action and to strengthen their own voice, both within the school and in society at large. We build upon an equal relationship of pupil and teacher within a process of shaping the future. We wish to reinforce hope in a better world.

In formulating the method, we take as our basis the approaches and ideas of the critical pedagogue Paulo Freire, methods of modelling the future, systemic thought and the emancipatory traditions of John Amos Comenius. We also seek possibilities of language within the realm of art.

In this three-year project, we shall create innovative tools for developing emancipatory and civic competences. We wish to work critically and imaginatively with the problems of marginalised groups and currently urgent themes. We will construct and test out the method together with co-operating teachers from the second level of primary schools and their pupils. The project supports action research. As an auxiliary tool we shall compile a “live” online textbook, which will make the method available to the public.

Check our website www.futuropolis.cz to catch up on latest events and projects of Futuropolis: School of Emancipation.

Visuals (c) Dan Dan Perjovschi

Supported by: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and Prague City hall.