5P – Planting of trees and bushes in a swale

We invite you to planting of trees and bushes in a new swale.

09.10.2020 10:00 —11.10.2020 16:00

Planting of trees and bushes in a new swale within the framework of the community permaculture project WOODS – Community for Cultivation, Theory and Art. Headed by Denisa Tomášková, lecturer at the Academy of Permaculture.


Friday 9 October, from 10am
– staking of contours with the aid of theodolite
– formation of swale using small dredger (swale = furrow leading along contour line with piling of earth in the direction toward the slope, serving to retain water in the land in the form of infiltration; piled earth is planted with with trees and bushes)
– creation of pits for trees and bushes with small dredger
– fencing of land (completion of one side of fencing)
– early evening with Denisa Tomášková: introduction to design, familiarisation with trees, bushes and other materials and tools, instructions for tree planting

Saturday 10 October, 9am – 6pm
– setting of swale and planting of trees and bushes along route on the basis of permaculture design (apple, pear, plum, greengage, cherry, black cherry, walnut, chestnut, peach, date, sorb, rowan, mulberry, medlar, shadbush, elderberry, hawthorn, cornel, oleaster, caragana, bladdernut, philadelphus, currant, gooseberry, jostaberry, raspberry, blackberry, blueberry…) + watering
– early evening with Denisa Tomášková: trimming trees and bushes after planting

Sunday 11 October, to 4pm
– planting of trees and bushes, fertilisation, mulching and watering

The event will be documented and edited as an instruction video for the requirements of the Academy of Permaculture.


WOODS – Community for Cultivation, Theory and Art in co-operation with the Academy of Permaculture, organisations Are, Institute of Anxiety and Bubahof.

Work clothes and boots, raincoat, wellingtons, warm clothing, power bank – there is no electricity or internet on site. If you bring a dog, please bear in mind that there are other animals on the site – small goats, sheep, hens and another dog, please therefore take care to ensure dogs do not run around unleashed and do not frighten animals, also please do not feed the animals.

Co-ordinates: 50.027355, 16.462956.
Train to Dolní Dobrouč, then follow the cycle path in the direction of Písečná and Šušek lake, approx. 40 minute walk. If you are travelling by car from Písečná, follow the direction of Šušek lake. For both means of transport, approximately half way along the lake by the lay-by and linden tree is a turn-off upwards past the cottage. Take this turn and follow the road to the fenced meadow, on the left side will be a large white tent. In the designated spot open the fencing, close it to ensure the sheep do not escape (caution, the fence is electrified, handle only using the rubber grips), and proceed to the tent. Please ensure the fencing is closed throughout the entire duration of 5P, catching sheep in the forest would not be easy.
The co-ordinates for parking by the cottage are 50.03114, 16.46593. It is then a 5 minute walk to us.

Provided and covered by the organisers in the Rubínek guest house, Písečná u Žamberka. To reserve accommodation contact Nela Klajbanová: nela@are-events.org, +420 724 349 167. In case of interest you also can sleep outside in tents or in the large tent – at your own discretion according to weather conditions.

We provide breakfast, lunch and dinner
Vegetarian food will be served throughout the entire duration of 5P. Coffee, tea and water will also be available.