Resist Like Woods: Lectures

An overview and audio recordings of guest lectures from the symposium Resist Like Woods 2020. Thanks to Jonáš Richter for the audio recordings.

All lectures were held in Czech.

Adéla Hrubá: The edible forest on the hill – permaculture in practice.

The lecture shall focus on practical life experiences in the creation of a sustainable model of coexistence, both within the framework of the family and with a focus on overlaps and expansion into the local community, and their parallels with the functioning of natural systems.
Adéla Hrubá is a permaculture designer, lecturer and consultant. For almost 15 years she has been living and farming together with her family on a plot of land of approximately one hectare, which is within the network of Exemplary Permaculture Projects under the name Garden on the Hill. She initiated the establishment of the community Garden without a Fence in a pedestrianised area in Žamberk, and at present she is a member of the international team Children in Permaculture, whose aim is to integrate permaculture and the principles of sustainable life into schools.

Arnošt Novák: We’re not conservationists of nature, we are nature defending itself.

Nature, subjectivity and the politics of earthliness.
Arnošt Novák is an environmental sociologist and university teacher at the Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague.

Milan Hron: What have we done to our forests to make them abandon us? And will they ever return?

Things don’t happen by chance. What had to happen has finally happened. Will we do what’s necessary?
Milan Hron is a forest ranger with a close relationship to nature.

Tomáš Uhnák: A Dark Justice

The forest supports a whole range of ecosystem services, and for the forestry communities and farmers it also safeguards important cultural and social aspects. Just as in agriculture, in forests also several trajectories are being developed, in which carbon neutrality, trade in carbon emissions, biodiversity and farmers’ rights are coming into conflict with the interests of various agencies. What form do these conflicts take, and is it possible to create symbiotic, inter-species relationships?
Tomáš Uhnák is a PhD student at the Czech University of Life Sciences, working at the Association of Local Foodstuffs Initiatives.

Denisa Tomášková: Climate, Society and Permaculture.

A lecture about what permaculture entails and how it can help in shaping a positive vision of the future.
Denisa Tomášková is a permaculture lecturer and designer, who designs gardens and farms, and teaches at the Academy of Permaculture. She is also the mother of four children, and through her work she endeavours to present solutions for ecological cultivation of food, life in harmony with nature and a bright future for human life on Earth.

Radek Pokorný: Les pod rouškou změny klimatu

Vývoj, stav a možná budoucnost lesa u nás.
Radek Pokorný je docentem v oboru pěstění lesa a vedoucím Ústavu zakládání a pěstění lesů Lesnické a dřevařské fakulty Mendelovy univerzity v Brně. Na Mendelově univerzitě vystudoval obor lesní inženýrství a zde také následné doktorské studium v oboru Aplikovaná a krajinná ekologie. V Ústavu výzkumu globální změny AV ČR se specializoval na ekofyziologii lesních dřevin, fenologii, produkci a alokaci biomasy či vodní bilanci lesních porostů v kontextu změn prostředí.

Radek Pokorný: The forest beneath the veil of climate change.

The development, state and possible future of the forest in our country.
Radek Pokorný is a senior lecturer in the field of forest cultivation and the head of the Department of Silviculture at the Faculty of Forestry and Wood Technology of Mendel University in Brno. At Mendel University he studied forest engineering, which he followed with a PhD. in the field of Applied and Landscape Ecology. At the Global Change Research Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences he specialised in the ecophysiology of forest wood plants, phenology, production and allocation of biomass and the water balance of forest crops within the context of environmental change.

WOODS – Community for Cultivation, Theory and Art
Forest and meadow plot between the villages of Hnátnice and Písečná, Orlické Mountains