Public Hearing in the Matter of Imagination 

The public hearing as a collective map of the limits of imagination and the possibilities of transcending them.

23.07.2020 18:00 —23.07.2020 22:00
Menza Strahov, Jezdecká 1920, 160 17 Praha 6-Strahov

Our imagination stops to evolve after many interventions into the process of childhood exploration and expansion of the world from the side of adults and institutes of education. These factors, through the means of telling stories about how things are – what is normal and possible and what is not – are limiting our ability to perceive and create. As a side effect of these stories we are losing the ability to think about alternative scenarios and we are only accepting the pre-existing formulas of functioning. That is happening on many levels of our lives – in relation to how we clean our houses, scientific research, marital and other relationships, in political and social practice, in our free time. 

The concept of Public Hearing can allow us to work with the topic of imagination trough the means of sharing short contributions: experiences, stories, and visions. These can be expressed through a large variety of verbal and non-verbal tools. Public Hearing tries to identify the borders of imagination or find surprising ways of how they can be crossed.


Bio Masha, Petr Bittner, Martin Babička, Jakub Černý, Václav Drozd, Dominika Grygarová, Georgia Hejduková, Viktor Heumann, Kateřina Holá, Petra Jelínková, Anna Kárníková, Pavel Karous, Kateřina Kulanová, Lukáš Likavčan, Ladislav Loukota, Johanna Nejedlová, Kača Olivová, Jana Orlová, Jakub Ort, Alma Lily Rayner, Lukáš Senft, Jiří Skála, Jakub Stejskal, Kateřina Šimáčková, Eva Šlesingerová, Pavel Šplíchal, Jan Těsnohlídek, Martin Tománek, Hana Turečková, Kateřina Turečková, Tomáš Uhnák, Petr Váša, Tereza Virtová, Lenka Vrbová, Martin Zet

The public hearing will be held in Czech.

It is possible to order from the canteen’s food menu on site.

The event is part of the exhibition Come Closer: Biennial of Matter of Art 2020. The Biennial is organized as a initiative for contemporary art in cooperation with the Gallery of the Capital City of Prague. Prague.

Biennial of Matter of Art 2020
Pojď blíž / Come Closer
22. 7. – 15. 11. 2020

foto (c) Karolína Matušková