Public Hearing in the Matter of Education

Public Hearing in the Matter of Education

Eva Koťátková
04.10.2022 18:00
Fakultní základní škola Pedf UK Umělecká Umělecká 850/8, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice

The third Public Hearing in the series will focus on the possibilities of contemporary education — both formal and informal.

Have our current education systems reached their limits? Could some of our problems in the contemporary world stem from what and how we learn?

The Public Hearing will focus on the possibilities of contemporary education – both formal and informal. We will take a closer look at the school environment and its influence on the extent to which we feel comfortable or uncomfortable within it, with our own bodies, with the way we act or speak, and with the interests, abilities or attitudes that make us fit in or stand out from our surroundings.

The Public Hearing in the Matter of Education creates a space for people from different fields to come together, united by a capacity for critical reflection in the field of education. It brings together voices that can inspire and enrich one other and that have the potential to develop contemporary debate about the shape and meaning of contemporary education and schools. Learners’ voices, which are usually not heard because they are not given space, will also consequently be important. We would like to therefore invite students, teachers, parents, organisations offering help to the discriminated, and spokespersons for excluded, disadvantaged groups to the event. 

The aim of the Public Hearing is to critically identify the patterns and triggers involved in the normalization of our views, bodies, identities, and at the same time outline possible solutions in order to promote difference, multiplicity, and fluidity as a prerequisite for the functioning of a free and inclusive community and society.

This year’s guests: 
Tereza Čajková (Gesturing Towards Decolonial Futures), Viktorie Černegová, Marie Čtveráčková (Synth Library), Petr Dlouhý (It’s All About Education), Jan Ďuzda (ARA art), Ella, Dora Fišerová (Fridays for Future), Kateřina Fojtíková, Georgia Hejduková, Hellwana, Laura Henderson, Anna Herzigová, Kateřina Holá, Glynis Hull-Rochelle, Gabriela Junášková, Kateřina Kalivodová (Společnost pro Kreativitu ve Vzdělávání), Anna Klusák, Bartoloměj Kouba, Alice Koubová, Julie Koubová, Pavla Kovaříková (Rozhledna), Anna Kubíčková (ČOSIV), Klára Laurenčíková, Lucie Macků, Maty (Trans*parent CZ, Queer & Trans Youth CZ, Tereza Olivová (Vigvam), Barbora Postránecká (Vyrůstat doma), Marie-Luisa Purkrábková, Haru Spindler (Trans*parent CZ, Queer & Trans Youth CZ), Magda Jiřička Stojowska, Martina Svobodová, Bára Šimková, Magda Šipka, Hana Švábíková (OTEVŘENO), Tereza Olivová (Vigvam), Tomáš Vaněk.

The Public Hearing will be an opportunity to come and hear about perspectives on contemporary education and reflect together on how it might look different.

Admission to the event is free. The event will be held in Czech.



* * *

The Public Hearing is a three-hour, thematically focused, band of sharing of contributions of various kinds (personal, theoretical and performative) from more than 40 invited guests. The Institute of Anxiety chose this specific format for a concentrated focus on the topic under investigation through short contributions from people who have experience in a particular field. 

Several public hearings have already been held. The first was a Public Hearing mapping the topic of anxiety and its systemic origins (2018), later followed by a Public Hearing on Imagination (2020), which explored what, who and why our imagination is controlled and regulated, while attempting to seek answers to how the boundaries of imagination can be expanded. An audio recordings of both Public Hearings was produced and can be found on the website post to the individual hearings HERE.

This project is realised with the support of Magistrát hl. města Prahy, Ministerstvo kultury ČR and Státní fond kultury ČR.