Possibilites of the Interspecies Care. Readings for children and adults.

Listen to the audio-recordings of readings with the collective Second Shift and Kristina Fingerland that offer stories of a different, more empathetic ways of functioning.

Listen to the audio readings for both adults and children with the feminist collective Second Shift (Druhá směna) and Kristina Fingerlands. The readings were part of the event Possibilites of Interspecies Care, that aimed at collective reading of stories, that offer a different, more empathetic ways of functioning.

Recommended literature for children:

  1. Tove Jansson – Moomins (The Magic Winter, The Wizard’s Hat, …), Albatros Publishers, 1990
  2. Astrid Lindgren – Ronnja, daughter of the robber, Albatros Publishing House, 2007
  3. Daisy Mrázková – My bear Flora, Elephant and ant, Hello, Little Jace …, Baobab Publishing House, 2011
  4. Annuše Laichterová – The Kingdom of the Heart, Laichter Publishing House, 1927
  5. Songs of the Willow Wand (Inuit Poetry, SNKLHU Publishing House. 1965
  6. Blaise Cendrars – Little Black Fairy Tales for Fearless Children, Svojtka & Co Publishing House, Baobab, 1929
  7. Ursula K Le Guin – Gwilan’s Harp, Gnome Publishing House, 2020 (for older children)

They Live Beyond Their Names is a series of public events designed to introduce children to the world of animals, plants, fungi and other non-human inhabitants of our world, and to think together about more meaningful and sensitive ways of living together.

The project is financially supported by the Prague City Hall, the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the State Culture Fund of the Czech Republic.