In the studio with Lukáš Paleček’s Talking Machines

Watch the second video documentary about artist Lukáš Paleček presents his place for creation in the Studio of Joyful Practice (Výtvarný ateliér radostné tvorby).

We meet with Lukáš Paleček at the Studio of Joyful Practice (Výtvarný ateliér radostné tvorby) at Prague 7, where Lukáš works on his artwork since 2013. 

Washing machine. It does not discharge water, but the drum spins and the washing machine makes loud noises, showing internal movement. The hose is sticking out into the space, waiting to be plugged in. A multitude of cables ripple through the space like a restless animal: some parts rest on the floor, curled up at the back of the washing machine, or make their way into the space. Several machines are waiting to be plugged in, offering instructions and a button to start them.

Lukáš Paleček is the author of drawings, objects, performances and audio compositions in which he lends his voice to various objects and machines. He is interested in old instruments such as Romo and Tatramat washing machines, or Tesla radios and cassette players. Lukáš collects machines: he finds them or is given them by acquaintances who are aware of his interest.

Lukáš Paleček (born 1977) lives and works in Prague. Since 2013 he has been creating his artworks – drawings, objects and audio performances in the Radostná Tvorba Studio in Letná, Prague 7, a creative studio focusing on support for “spontaneous art”. Lukáš has taken part in several group exhibitions held by the Studio, including at the Kampus Hybernská, the DOX Centre for Contemporary Art or the NOD gallery. In 2019 he held an independent exhibition entitled Romo Washing Machine Washes Cucumbers in the Jelení Gallery, part of the Center for Contemporary Arts Prague.

The project Talking Machines, a living archive of the performative and audio works of Lukáš Paleček, has been systematically documented in collaboration and financial support of the non-profit organization Barvolam, that offers support for neurodiverse artists. Other collaborations on the Talkings Machines project include Ivan Svoboda (Artyčok.TV), Alma Lily Rainer and Jonáš Richter.

Lukáš Paleček’s Talking Machines, a living archive of Lukáš Paleček’s performative and sound works, is produced in collaboration with Barvolam, an association that offers support to neurodiverse artists.

Talking Machines of Lukáš Paleček: In The Studio 
Dramaturgy: Eva Koťátková 
Production: Ida Tausch 
Camera: Ivan Svoboda (Artyčok TV) 
Collaborations: Alma Lily Rainer, Barvolam, Jonáš Richter, Tereza Tomková 
Institute of Anxiety, 2022

The project is supported by the City Hall and the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the EEA Grants.