IA & Second Shift: The Revolutionary Cookbook of Liberation

We are introducing Revolutionary Cookbook, a new cooking show that aims to push the imaginative boundaries of Czech gastronomy.

Through a radical vision, the show will show that it is impossible to talk about food without talking about power and those we deny power to – animals, women, children and other oppressed groups. 

Don’t worry, we won’t bash you for still not being vegan. Rather, let’s focus our attention on how much our anthropocentric perception of food and performative appeal to individual ethical consumption maintain the status quo of capitalist overproduction of animal products. 

In collaboration with Second : Shift (Druhá : směna) we’ve filmed recipes that teach you how to make a few simple meals from local food. This radical cookbook wants nothing less than liberation for all human and non-human creatures. 
Be there with us! 

Watch the first episode of the series next Tuesday.

* * *

Authors of the concept: 
Institute of Anxiety (Eva Koťátková) & The Second Sift 

Maja Vusilović, Eliška Koldová, Martin Tománek 

Video, illustration, post production, cut: 
Alex Sihelsk*

Druhá : směna: Eliška Koldová, Maja Vusilović, Martin Tománek & Paddington

Camera and audio: 
Denisa Langrová, Alex Sihelsk*

Production and project coordination: 
Ida Tausch

Special thanks to: 
Kafkárna – Centrum pro umění a ekologii UMPRUM 

Project is realized with the financial support of: Ministry of Culture Czech Republic and Prague City of Prague.