Hello, are you there?

Let’s call each other.


We’re alone, and at the same time we’re not alone. We have networks, we’re online. How we meet and how we communicate is determined to a considerable extent by the algorithms of social servers. Let’s call each other for a change, for reasons other than work. For example, because we want to talk to an old friend or to someone we only know from the internet. Or because we want to get to know someone we don’t know yet, or because we simply want to say or hear something spontaneous. We can’t predict how the call is going to unfold, and so at both ends we may experience unexpected adventures or a meditation in the company of two or more people. It might last a full hour, but maybe only five minutes. Hello, are you there?

It’s simple: please first enter your name in the calendar, where you’ll find the entered times and dates of those who are waiting for your call…