Introducing a podcast about what it means or meant to be trans. Through information about the lives of historical trans people, the podcast provides the trans community with the opportunity to place their own lives in a larger context that goes deep into history, while allowing the general public to understand that this is not a modern phenomenon, but a gendered experience that has been around since time immemorial.

The podcast is hosted by the author Jamie Rose, together in dialogue with Johanna Nejedlova.

Jamie Rose is an activist and PhD student at the Faculty of Arts in English Literature and Culture, whose academic focus is on Anglophone transgender literature.

Johanna Nejedlová is the founder of Konsent.

The podcast is released once every 14 days on podcast platforms Soundcloud, Apple Podcasts, Spotify.

The podcast is part of the CHURNING project. AN INFINITE NUMBER OF POTENTIAL SURVIVALS, a series of lectures, discussions and workshops produced in collaboration with figures from activism, the exact sciences and the visual arts that focus on finding new forms of evolutionary processes, ecological interactions and politics from the perspective of queer and feminist theory and interdisciplinarity.

Episode Detail:
Podcast Author: Jamie Rose
Host: Jamie Rose and Johanna Nejedlová
Dramaturgy: Barbora Kleinhamplová
Sound post-production: Jiří Špičák
Music: Jonáš Kucharský
Visual: Marie Lukáčová
Production: Ida Tausch

The project is realized with the support of the City of Prague, Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and the Municipality of Prague 7 and the State Fund for Culture.

Epizoda 1: Trans Prehistorie

In the first episode of TRANSISTORY we go deep into trans history, both in Europe and beyond. Specifically we focus on the ancient tradition of eunuchs, the story of Joan of Arc, the two-spirit tradition of North America and the hijra in India.

Epizoda 2: Female Husbands

In the second part of TRANSISTORY, we present the life of Charles Hamilton, the famous "ladies' man" whose story has become legendary. Alongside this, we look at how and with what aims trans people were written about in 18th century Britain.

Epizoda 3: Divoký západ

In the third part of TRANSISTORY, we focus on the so-called "Wild West", which allowed trans people to start life anew, without the constraints of the social structures that existed in the East. Harry Allen and Mrs. Nash show us a picture of this historical era as an environment in which new understandings of gender could be formed.